Play Shop – Creative Inspirations

Play Shop – Creative Inspirations

What are Creative Playshops?

Imagine playshops encourage self-expression through painting, drawing, and/or collage. Guests are encouraged to create in different media without judgement. They learn to regain the love of creation that they once had as children, and through this act often come to realize truths about themselves and answers to questions they might have about their lives, relationships, and family. Watch this video of Joan talking about the playshops!


Thanks Joan! We so LOVED the private class! You’ve inspired me to carve out more time for my art. We returned from our trip feeling very rejuvenated and full of creative energy.

The Stanford Inn was the best place we’ve ever stayed at!! It’s amazing how gorgeous and well-run it is. Keep it up! Hope to be back soon!



Imagination Playshop:  Give yourself permission to play! Tap into your own creativity and inner wisdom, using expressive techniques including collage, art making, writing, and role-playing. Non artists will experience delight as the inner critic is banished and your playfulness arises. Each session is catered to you. No art experience necessary. Materials provided. For no reason at all, or for insight, re-visioning oneself, or to just play with art materials. 2 hours standard session. Inn Guests:  $75/person | $105/couple. Non-Guests:  $85/person | $115/couple.  Available September – June.

Artful Nutrition: Join licensed art therapist Joan Stanford and author/certified nutritionist Sid Garza-Hillman to explore creative and healthy ways to fulfill ourselves. Many of our struggles with diet/weight gain stem from deep-seated and often unconscious messages about how to nurture ourselves. Using creative process in a playful and non-threatening way allows these messages to be heard. Topics addressed include the concept of ‘comfort food,’ nutritional vs. emotional eating, self-sabotage vs. self-care, body image, and more! Approximately 2-3 hours. Inn Guests: $40/person (minimum 3 guests). Non-guests: $50/person (minimum 3 guests).