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Meet our practitioners

A few words from Joan and Jeff about Wellness and Innkeeping:

Like many of our staff who are artists, musicians, actors, writers, we have passions beyond innkeeping – primarily education and individual growth…

While innkeeping, Joan trained as a Montessori teacher leading her to discover the power of art to transform human experience. Today she is a board certified art therapist. She believes that the processes of her discipline can be used as meditative process for personal exploration and growth. At the Inn, she provides play shops for creative experience. Her book, The Art of Play – Ignite your Imagination to Unblock Insight, Healing and Joy, will be released in June by She Writes Press.

Jeff trained as an anthropologist, and worked in the 1970’s “human potential movement” as well as in traditional shamanic practice. In the 1990’s he and Joan worked with Jack Schwarz, who is considered the founder of the human potential movement in the United States. Jack founded Aletheia Institute which he later moved to the Inn. During this time, Jeff became a spiritual counselor and minister, providing bereavement counseling and assisting those seeking to understand meditation. Jeff co-wrote, along with Joan, Dining at the Ravens: Over 150 Nourishing Vegan Recipes from the Stanford Inn by the sea.

Our passions fertilize and inform innkeeping and the Inn’s wellness center.